View Full Version : crown graphic flip up shade, can it be replace?

paul schuster
18-Mar-2000, 10:23
I am looking at a crown graphic camera. teh flip up focusing hood over the grou nd glass has been removed. this is a feature I really like of this camera. is it possible to replace this part. I have not seen any offered on their own.


I really like this crown and hope I can add the visor.

Dave Brown
18-Mar-2000, 21:05
If the camera has a graflock back, the answer is yes. If it has a spring back or a graphic back, I don't know. Check out www.graflex.org for more on these cameras.

21-Mar-2000, 06:42
I have the same problem on my MPP, best I can suggest is to do a lengthy trawl through many camera shops' websites and eventually you should fint something - even if it means buying a duffed up crown which has a back - atleast then you also get a source of some spare parts or an oversized paperweight.