View Full Version : Any Ansco 5x7 view camera users?

Dwight Gaiens
22-Jan-2000, 03:46

Anyone know if this is a good camera to begin large format photography? This cam era has lots of accessories: It has a F:4.5 to F:64 Wollensak 9 1/2 inch lense, carrying case, 3 5x7 film holders, 3 removable backs, a full 5X7 back, 2 split 5X7 backs. It is all in goo d shape and everything works, and it is over 50 years old.

Is it worth $100.00?


Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
22-Jan-2000, 11:17

Without seeing the specific camera and lens etc. I couldn't say for sure but basically - yes. Sheldon Hambrick, an occassional contributor to this forum owns one and I will send you pictures of his example if you like, this p.m. The Ansco's were one of the better built and better designed cameras. Used by St. Ansel, et. al. Depending on vintage it should have front rise, axis tilt, and shift (it can be modified easily enough for front swing) and either base tilt or axis tilt, but with rear swing in either case.

Focusing is on front and rear which grants more flexibility in composing and balancing on the tripod. Does it have the extension rail?

Suffice it to say that $100.00 is a very nice deal even if it needs a little work. CHECK THE BELLOWS. Maybe buy some film and make some test exposures to check for pinholes. Replacement can be as little as $100.00 (+/-) depending on where you go, etc.

Does the lens exhibit seperation? - a slight, granularity around the circumference of the glass? Check Ebay for pics of older lenses suffering from this unsightly, but usually less than tragic condition. Otherwise, sit tight till tonight and I'll send you pics of that as well.

For $100.00 what's not to like?

N Dhananjay
22-Jan-2000, 11:39
Not much to add to what Sean said. The holders should be checked as well, especially if they're wooden. But anyway you look at it, that's a lot of camera for 100 bucks. Even if it needs a lot of work. DJ

lee nadel
22-Jan-2000, 16:27
i may hve shot with a 91/2 wollensak if its a veliostigmati.have used it wide open for nice portriat and landscape shots

Brian Ellis
23-Jan-2000, 22:40
If you don't want it let me know. $100 for the camera and all the other stuff in good working is quite a steal. The 5x7 Anscos aren't terribly pricey but $300 for the camera alone isn't unusual. Midwest recently advertised a 5x7 Ansco with an old Wollensak (sp?) lens for $300. If you can reach Richard Knoppow, who participates in the rec.photo large format news group, it would be worth your while. Sorry I don't have his e mail address but he owns several and knows all the subtle differences among the different models and years of manufacture.

Charles Trottier
25-Jan-2000, 23:47
Let me know if you don't want it.