View Full Version : What is a pi-Alphex?

Jim Rice
23-Jun-2006, 16:48
I've seen references but no actual definition.
Thanks, ~j

Ralph Barker
23-Jun-2006, 19:09
It's 3.14 shutters in one? ;)

I'm not sure what the pi was intended to represent, but it's a smallish Alphax shutter. I have an old Wollensak 75mm lens mounted in one.

Jim Rice
25-Jun-2006, 14:28
How might one distinguish it?

Ralph Barker
25-Jun-2006, 16:12
By their roundness? ;)

on a 110mm Toyo board:http://www.rbarkerphoto.com/misc/Photo-gear/Pi-Alphax75mmWolliOscilloRaptar.jpg

Paul Fitzgerald
28-Jun-2006, 21:19
Hi there,

It seems to be the late model after 3M bought Wollensak, I guess just a name change. I had one with a 380/5.6 Tele-Optar a long time ago.