View Full Version : Berthiot Perigraphe VIa info etc.

Sven Schroder
23-Jun-2006, 12:47

I Have had a 135 with wheel stops for a number of years and enjoy it, I recently obtained a F-200 example No 5 in the series (with iris instead of wheel stops) this promted me to look again for info again,I keep coming up with the same limted info. A Dagor/angulon related design covering 105 degree's, from auctions I've been out bid on they range from Brass through to all black and maybe coated examples. The 135 covers 10x8 with some movement, enough for a super wide. I don't have a large enough camera use the 200mm as a super wide
ie 11x14 or 7x17 but as wide on 10x8 with bags of movement.

So has any one a Serial list for berthiot?

or any Adverts/Catalogues focal lenght list (I've seen 60 90 120 135 150 200)?

Anyone with a Coated Example?

I don't really need the info, Using the lens gives me what I really needed to Know
"Does it do the Job?" answer YES, so help ease my hunger for info share you're Findings.

Thanks and regards