View Full Version : Anyone Using the Fuji 180-A?

Scott Rosenberg
23-Jun-2006, 12:07
looking for a small, backpack friendly alternative to my 210 f/5.6 plasmat. the two obvious choices are the Nikon 200-M and the Fuji 180-A. i've read good things on Chris Perez's site about the 200-M, especially for those heading to Easter Island. Is anyone using the 180-A? i know what the specs say, but I've heard the Nikon actually has more coverage. would anyone care to share their opnions on these two lenses?


Eric Leppanen
23-Jun-2006, 13:17

Just do a search of the archives and you'll encounter a number of threads discussing this subject. Here are a couple:





Bruce Watson
23-Jun-2006, 14:27
If the Fujinon-A 180mm is anything like the 240mm example I have, it's a hell of a lens. Razor sharp, nice and contrasty, small and light. And the price was right too. So what's not to like?

steve simmons
23-Jun-2006, 15:36
I am a big fan of the 240A but when I tested the 180A to the 180 w I felt the w was a better lens for scenics, portraits, etc. I did not feel the 180 meet the same threshold as the 240. I did this testing back in the early 80s.

steve simmons

Leonard Metcalf
25-Jun-2006, 02:36
I use one all the time, it is probably the most used lens in my kit. I blow my work up to 24 x 30 inches regularly, and to be honest all of my lenses (Schneider, Nikkor, Rodenstock and Fujion) are sharp and in the prints I can't see any discernible differences. Mind you I don't go looking either. The image circle is nice and large. The lens replaced a 210 mm Schneider Symmar and the focal length difference is quite noticeable. I can only recommend it, and it is tiny in comparison to my other lightweights. My particular lens is a current model at 2 or so years old.