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Gary Nylander
19-Jun-2006, 21:50
I have been a member of this forum for a while but I thought I would post and introduce myself as I am from the Okanagan area of B.C., also I would like to mention that my landscape work ( shot with large format cameras ) is currently featured in the July issue of Photo Life magazine.

Gary Nylander

19-Jun-2006, 23:10
Hello Gary,

I'm from Vancouver... just down the road from you!

Welcome to the forum. :)

There's a LOT of GREAT folks who participate here!


Jim MacKenzie
20-Jun-2006, 07:58

I spent a winter in Kelowna many years ago and have always loved the Okanagan.

tim atherton
20-Jun-2006, 08:01

I spent a winter in Kelowna many years ago and have always loved the Okanagan.

it's much nicer in the summer - sitting around in the vineyard restaurants enjoying the sun and excellent okanagan wines...!

(from edmonton...)

richard brown
20-Jun-2006, 15:08
Saw the new issue of photo life and now i will have to go buy it....congrats on being published....i looked at that mag for the first time in years and was blown away by the high standards and quality.
so do you ever head over to the rockies to do some shooting? call ahead and we can meet for a brown pop!
all the best, richard brown

Ralph Barker
20-Jun-2006, 16:48
Welcome, Gary.

Gary Nylander
20-Jun-2006, 21:19
Thanks, Capocheny, Vancouver area has some incredible scenery too!

Jim , the Okanagan winters are nice if you get up to the ski hills, I personally love the fall time in the Okanagan.

Tim, Yes the summers are nice here too !

Richard, thanks very much !, I have two weeks holidays this fall, I'm planning on a Rocky Mountian shooting trip.

Thanks, Ralph !


20-Jun-2006, 21:49
Hi Gary,

Yes... we do live in an incredibly beautiful world!

While out this afternoon... I had a glance at Photo Life and, like Richard, was also blown away by how much this magazine has grown and evolved over the years! I have the copy in hand though! :)

Congratulations on being published... great images!

[Tim... Blue Mountain Pinot Noir! Delicious!!! :)]


Gary Nylander
20-Jun-2006, 22:35
Hi Capocheny,

I think its a great magazine, I'm of course very glad that my work was featured and thanks once again !