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Natha Congdon
21-Jan-2000, 00:34
I occasionally see ads selling these cameras, especially the #10, which I gather continued to be made the latest, until 1941. The idea of a panoramic camera a la Noblex with a ten inch (is that correct?) wide strip of film seems kind of ap pealing! Anybody any experience in using one of these? Where do you get a roll of ten inch wide film? They command quite a price on the used market.

Thanks in advance for gratifying my curiosity,


Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
21-Jan-2000, 14:50
I'd contact some of the owner/operators and ask them. Use your favorite search engine and type in "Cirkut". There's a nice fella in Canada, eh, that uses a 5 and describes it on his website.

You could also contact Kodak direct and ask what the minimum order is. I believe the 800 # is 1-800-242-2424. If you were really serious about acquisition and use, you might try contacting a nearby group photographer that does it as a business (lot of 'em in the Chicago area) and ask to piggy-back an order with them.

The 10's are favored in part because they offer the best compromise for camera size/weight - to final print size. I have only seen 1 16 and it was an absolute MONSTER!

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
21-Jan-2000, 20:55
My mistake, Dave Firman uses a #6 (which adapts to 5 X 7).

Also, here is a number that would allegedly help one get film - 806- 793-0641