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19-Jun-2006, 19:12
So, what do I do with 4X5 film once its exposed? I'm not sure what to do to make sure it remains unscratched, dust free and light tight from film holders all the way to the lab. Until i finish setting up my home lab this is an issue for me. Anyone have any advice? i realzie this is extremely basic, but i'm shooting 4x5 for the first time and don't want to ruin any film i've already exposed.

19-Jun-2006, 19:31
I either leave the film in the holders, with a piece of tape over the dark slides to keep the dark in, or if I need to shoot more film, transfer it to a film box, either in a dark room (not necessarily a darkroom) or in a changing tent, and tape the box shut. A room without windows, preferably with other doors to close between the flim and the sun is best. Doing stuff at night aint a bad idea either. A darkcloth at the bottem of the door is good, as is gaff tape on any leaks. Stand in the dark room for 10 minutes and you will see any leaks

Just out of habit I always keep film holders and storage boxes wrapped in a dark cloth or other wise kept out of as much light as reasonable.

You dont have to worry about dust once the film has been exposed.

Brian Vuillemenot
19-Jun-2006, 19:32
If you shoot Quickloads (and/or Readyloads), you can just pack them back in the foil pouch they come in, and store them in the cardboard box. I always shoot Quickloads on multiday car trips, and can just stash the boxes of exposed film in the trunk and forget about them until I get home.

19-Jun-2006, 19:37
thanks! so, i don't need to worry about scratches either? i can just pile them up in the film box?

19-Jun-2006, 19:45
thanks! so, i don't need to worry about scratches either? i can just pile them up in the film box?

Just don't shake, rattle, and roll the box... :)

Most shooters save their empty boxes for transporting their films in. That way, their holders aren't tied up by being stuck at the lab!


Ted Chambers
20-Jun-2006, 07:24
In the absence of an empty box, I use the black plastic bags from Freestyle. I put the sheets into a 4x5 bag then that bag into a 5x7 bag. I've had labs complain I shouldn't do that, but I've never had any fogging.

20-Jun-2006, 11:57

Just curious... why would a lab complain about your using these bags? I'd think it's not a huge problem for them to unload! And, since they're theoretically light-proof, I've wondered about using those plastic bags that hold photo paper for this same purpose. :) Do they charge you extra for using these bags?

[One lab here charges an extra 50 cents per side for unloading a holder when used instead of the usual film box. :(]

And, this same lab complained about my using too many of their envelopes for those times when I've had to differentiate N+1 from N-1 even though they charged extra for this variation in processing time! [Time to think seriously about getting back into my own film processing I guess! :)]

Go figure with some labs!