View Full Version : Wollensak Raptar Convertible 13" for ULF?

Hugo Zhang
19-Jun-2006, 17:50
With the Kodad 2D I bought three months ago as a dedicated portrait camera, a Wollensak Raptar 13" came with it. I didn't know much about it and so it sits quietly on the shelf of my bookcase. I had a 14" gold dot Dagor for that length, I told myself. I have actually been thinking about selling it for $100-200, since it was a free lens with the 2D. I did some research on the net today and realized it had a potential to be used on my 10x20 camera. I have looked at Protars, a similar type. Am I daydreaming here? I know some people have this lens. Is it only good for 8x10? Thanks.

John Kasaian
19-Jun-2006, 21:28

Is it a double convertible or a triple convertible? Either way consider yourself fortunate.

FWIW I'd hang on to it. In case you need to lighten your load in he field you'll have two focal lengths to play with for the wieght and bulk of a single lens---and Wolly convertibles have a good reputation(oops! I might succomb to the Wolly Convertibles "siren's song" someday and I don't want to drive up the prices!) In the worse case scenario, at least you'll have a spare in case lens #1 is in the shop for a cla.

Enjoy that Wolly!

Hugo Zhang
19-Jun-2006, 22:00
Thanks, John. I think it is a triple.

Jim Galli
20-Jun-2006, 07:12
Hugo, It won't cover the 1020 combined. As singles, perhaps the 20 and 25 would cover.

John Kasaian
20-Jun-2006, 07:17
Ahhh yes, a bit of error on my part---I was thinking in terms of 8x10 not ULF. Darn I should have read your post more closely but when I read the Wollensak convertible part I started succumbing to "VLE" (vintage lens envy) and....you know the rest!