View Full Version : Any info on Bermuda?

John Brady
19-Jun-2006, 10:36
I will be traveling to Bermuda the first week of July. I have never been there and I know very little about it.

I will be bringing my 4x5 gear with me. I am hoping some of you have experience with some unique locations for landscape type photography, and can offer me some suggestions.

I will be staying at Elbow Beach.
Thanks, jb

Donald Brewster
19-Jun-2006, 11:47
I love the place. The view etched in my mind is the 16th hole at Port Royal. I'd wander about -- it is small enough to do so. It really is a place of little details rather than more grand or sublime scenery. Not much help, but I'm envious of the trip.

Daniel Geiger
19-Jun-2006, 20:46
There is an interesting cave near Whalsingham Pond. Was there in 1991 at the time with SLR only and used mulitple flashes in slave mode to illuminate the scene. That was quite a bit of fun.
The governor's mansion has a pretty nice botanical garden, so you may be able to do something there.
On the Railway trail you can get some flowering yuccas that may make some nice foreground. Otherwise there are great large spider webs of Nephilia clavipes (some with lizards in the web!) and anole lizards abound (Anolis grahami). More towards 35 mm subjects, though, like the tricky to find frogs (Eleuterodactylus johnstonei). At Spanish Point near Spittal Pond you can see one of the relatively few reefs formed by worm snails (Vermetidae).

Consider that it is pretty hot and steamy there in July.

Good luck Daniel