View Full Version : Hello from Brentwood Essex, England

18-Jun-2006, 05:13
I have been into 5x4 for a few months now, mainly shooting lanndscape, I have a cambo sc ( lot of them about).

I shoot adox/efke 100 and foma 100

favourite developer Retro pyro, paper developer Tetenal Eukobrom on Foma tone MG, all negs done in a Paterson Rotary developer and I have a Devere Dichromat 504 which I love.

Its a great Forum , great read and bags of info, and perhaps one day I could be of benefit to someone here.


Ralph Barker
18-Jun-2006, 06:22
Welcome, Dusty.

18-Jun-2006, 11:30
Welcome to the LF Community Dusty! It is a great resource with some wonderful folks.