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Richard Årlin
18-Jun-2006, 03:37
I have the opportunity to get fujinon-c in box, serial number is relatively low and there is no explicit statement of the kind of coating. Checked the inofficial Fuji site and in the tables there are only EBC-coated lenses of this model. Were there lenses with another coating ?


Ted Harris
18-Jun-2006, 06:11
There have been numerous previous discussions of EBC coatings. If you use the search function you should be able to find them. IIRC it is difficult to tell by serial number but esy (as with any multicoated lens) when you look at the lens. Further, W lenses came both multi (EBC) and single coated. If you lens has the inscribed lens info around the outside of the lens barrel and it is in a shutter with the large knurls around the edge it is likely EBC coated. Writing on the inside of the barrel and samll sawtoothed shutter and it is almost certainly single coated (assuming the original shutter).

Scott Rosenberg
18-Jun-2006, 08:01
richard, as ted mentioned, truly the easiest way to determine if the lens is single or multi-coated it to look at it undera light. fuji multi-coated lenses will have reflections of green, purple, and magenta.

18-Jun-2006, 13:53
I seem to recall that Paul, Kerry, or one of the other lens gurus had a comprehensive listing of Fuji lenses on this forum (???) at one time...

If I dig it up... I'll post a link a little bit later on! :)


Eric James
18-Jun-2006, 13:56

Kerry L. Thalmann
18-Jun-2006, 14:34

ALL Fujinon C series lenses are EBC multicoated. The C Series was introduced in the 2nd Quarter of 1982 (between April 1 and July 1) and replaced the longer (300mm and 420mm) members of the L Series. In addition to multicoating, they were much smaller and lighter than their L Series counterparts and have more coverage.


18-Jun-2006, 16:08

Thanks for posting that link... I knew there was such a link floating around! :)


Eric James
18-Jun-2006, 18:26
I suppose the link isn't too important now that The Man has chimed in! My first camera was a Fuji 801 with a 50mm 1.8 from 1975 - that lens had EBC coatings too; it reflected green, purple, and magenta as Scott describes.

Richard Årlin
19-Jun-2006, 06:18
"ALL Fujinon C series lenses are EBC multicoated" Thanks a lot Kerry. Besides I must have been kinda blind, there is nothing like EBC-coating printed on box but in large letters EBC-Fuji which must add up to the same


David Karp
19-Jun-2006, 08:51
For future readers. This site is also a useful source of information on Fujinon LF lenses: http://members.aol.com/subgallery/