View Full Version : Zeiss 21cm f4.5 Tessar Filter Threading?

Gordon Moat
16-Jun-2006, 16:08
Greeting to all at LF Forum,

A recent thread about a different Zeiss got me thinking about a lens I own. While it seems like it might have a coating, I would feel better if I could actually put some sort of modern filter on the lens. It seems to be a 60mm threaded fitting, but I don't know if the thread pitch is similar to modern filters. None of the local stores have 60mm filters in stock, meaning I would need to order something to find out. What I hope is someone has tried something similar, or knows more about the threading specification.

This is a Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar 1:4.5 f=21 cm. The serial number is Nr. 1638815. After extensive searching, it seems this is either an early 1920s or mid 1930s lens, since I found somewhat conflicting information. The glass is in surprisingly great condition, it has a 17 blade aperture, and stops down to f:45. The serial number on the rear group matches the front, and there is "N 60" on the side of the barrel.

I did not get any shutter for this, though I think it was either just mounted on board, or maybe had a Compound shutter. I do have a more modern Zeiss slip-on lens cap, as a sort of lens cap shutter, and hope to just use it this way. In fact, I paid more for this lens cap than I did for the lens.:D

Anyway, hope some really knowledgeable people read this. If nothing else, maybe I can learn more about this lens, though I do hope to put it to good use with colour transparency films.


Gordon Moat