View Full Version : Caltar Ii-n

16-Jun-2006, 15:54
Who makes the CALTAR II-N? Where can I get specs for this lens?

Ron Marshall
16-Jun-2006, 16:16
The current Caltars, Caltar II-N are made by Rodenstock. The specs are available at the Calumet Phot website, or from Rodenstock for the comparable lens.

Ted Harris
16-Jun-2006, 16:48
Addendum .... Caltar II N = Rodenstock Apo Sironar N.

16-Jun-2006, 17:18
Rodenstock has been part of Linos for a while now. Their new website is here:


Oren Grad
16-Jun-2006, 18:07
The Caltar II-N plasmats (135mm through 360mm) are Rodenstock (Apo-)Sironar-N. The Caltar II-N wide angles (65mm through 115mm) are Rodenstock Grandagon-N.

Norm Buchanan
17-Jun-2006, 18:20
I have a 90mm (f/4.5) IIN and it is a beautiful lens. Got it used from Calumet.