View Full Version : Freezing exposed quickloads.

Hany Aziz
16-Jun-2006, 10:43
I have about 200 sheets of exposed Fuji Acros quickloads (that are about 7 months post expiration date) that I will only be able to develop slowly. They were frozen or refrigerated up till exposure. I have historically not tried to refrigerate them or freeze them after opening the silver metal bag.

Would I be able to place them into double Ziplock bags with a Silica Dessicant pack and freeze untill I am able to develop them. Would I get any condensation or damage to the opened quickloads by freezing.




Ralph Barker
16-Jun-2006, 12:34
You should be fine in doing so, as long as it's not unusually humid when you pack them up for re-freezing. I'd suggest packing them in groups equivalent to the batches you normally process. That way, you can leave the others frozen without opening the other bags. Allow several hours for the next batch to come to room temperature before opening the bag, of course.