View Full Version : Chromogenic B&W Paper negatives for 16x20 camera

Michael Heald
16-Jun-2006, 09:20
Hello! As I prepare to gain ULF experience, I was wondering if anyone had experience using the chromogenic B&W paper? I am considering using it as paper negatives.
It should be faster and avoid the different speed problems of blue/green that VC papers have, as well as being panchromatic.
Its about as expensive as 16x20VC paper as well. The only brand I see now is Sepia Hyper Seagull.
Does anyone have any experience with this? Best regards.


Jorge Gasteazoro
16-Jun-2006, 09:42
I have never heard of this chromogenic paper, but dont you need to use color chemistry to develop them? Seems like a good idea if you have the chemicals.

Michael Heald
16-Jun-2006, 09:59
Hello! yes, RA-4 chemicals would be needed. Tetanal makes a room temperature kit. For equivalent volumes, it looks to be about 3 as expensive as TMax RS that I use for TMax films, but prints take about 1/2 the volume, so it may be pretty equal in terms of price by comparing it to TMax.
Alternatively, higher temperature development can also be used with various pre-heat methods athat I have read about that don't require any additional equipment. Best regards.


Jorge Gasteazoro
16-Jun-2006, 13:20
Well hell, let me know if it works I just might try it with my 12x20!

Glenn Thoreson
20-Jun-2006, 17:37
If you're lookng for a panchromatic paper, you might also consider Kodak Panalure Select. IF you can find any. Very sensitive and uses standard B&W chemicals. I still have one box of 8X10, of the low contrast kind in the fridge.