View Full Version : RD artar alum vs brass

15-Jun-2006, 16:47
I have 2 ...14 inch RD artars -both in barrel and a copal 3 ready to use .
one is aluminum housing #831952 and the other brass # 776762 . obviously the brass is about twice as heavy ( 470 vs 225 gms + or - )the aluminum one looks like a process mount -with no threads for a filter either front or aft . the brass lens has threads on front and aft .any advantage to either other than the weight and filter capability . which should I send to get mounted ? glass on both ok... a few more wisps on the brass front element .
am I missing something that I should be thing about -prior to mounting in shutter .
thanks for any insight

Scott Rosenberg
15-Jun-2006, 18:23
why not simply make a few exposures with each and see which one you prefer. all else being equal, i'd go with the lighter lens... there are workarounds for a lack of filter threads, but making a lens lighter isn't as readily remedied ;)

Jim Rice
15-Jun-2006, 18:25
Based on my dear departed 16 1/2" brass one, you'll find that the threads on the brass barreled one will not accept a standard screw-in filter, therefore the aluminum one wins strictly on weight. Unless, of course, the brass one producuces a better image.

Jim Rice
15-Jun-2006, 18:44
And there's a $10 kludge for filter threads as oppsosed to the ~$75 S. K. Grimes one. Find a filter step up ring with an inside diameter just a tad (say one or two mm) larger than the outside of the front of the barrel, go to the drugstore or stationers and get an assortment of rubber bands at about 50 cents (you want the wide ones), and use the best fitting one as a gasket for an interference fit. Works like a charm. On an RDAA a red rubber band looks pretty natty, too.

16-Jun-2006, 02:46
scott and jim,
thanks for the advice , tests shots this weekend and I like the rubberband idea ,
have agood weekend .. barry