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pat j. krentz
20-Jan-2000, 17:48
Who makes Zone VI Brilliant paper now? Thanks, Pat

Carlos R. Herrera
21-Jan-2000, 08:40
Ilford manufactures both the graded and vc papers. You're better off going to Oriental...

Sal Santamaura
21-Jan-2000, 11:14
Calumet says Brilliant VC III is made by Ilford, but the graded is not. Since Brilliant Bromide II boxes are marked "Made in EU (UK)," it's likely manufactured by Kentmere.

Sergio Ortega
21-Jan-2000, 18:42

The original Zone VI Brilliant graded paper, marketed by Zone VI Studios, was ma nufactured for them by Guilleminot and Boespflug of France.

I used it for several years, and loved it. It was discontinued by Zone VI sever al years back, and I never have tried the new version of Brilliant. Friends tel l me it's just not the same paper as the old Brilliant.

A suggestion: you might try the new line of Bergger BPF Prestige FB papers, desi gned by the chief chemical engineer for Guilleminot and Boespflug of France. Pr estige NB graded appears to be similar to the old Brilliant from Zone VI, at lea st from my intial results.

It's sold by Lotus View Camera/North America. A simple search will turn it up.

Good luck, Sergio.

Darron Spohn
25-Jan-2000, 00:19
Sergio, with all due respect I must say that if you have not tested this paper then you should refrain from passing second-hand judgments on it. I have used the new Zone VI Briliiant paper, and exactly matched some of my favorite prints made with the old Brilliant paper and the original Oriental Seagull. I have used only the graded versions so cannot offer opnions on the VC papers. At a workshop last spring I showed some prints made with the new Brilliant paper, and the other participants were quite impressed with the tonality and richness of this paper, as am I.

pat j. krentz
25-Jan-2000, 12:01
Darron, got your reply this AM, I must agree with you, I have been using Brilliant VC 111 for the last week and am very impressed with the quality and tonal range of this paper, I have been reluctant to give up graded papers but this matches and surpassed the abilities of the graded papers I am using (Kodabromide). Like my friend Phil Dunham says, "Why have 3 0r 4 boxes of paper laying around when one will do the job. This paper will give me any grade I need and some you can't get with graded paper. Sergio, do yourself a favor and try it, you'll like it. Phil called Ilford in N.Y. and they would not admit that they make Brilliant, but by the same token they would not deny it. Pat