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Joseph O'Neil
15-Jun-2006, 16:36
Hi everyone;
I have a190mm, F4.5 C-Claron. Not a G-Claron (I have one of those too), but a C-Claron - copy lens. See the PDF file on the Schnedier site here - in German


It is about 3 inches in diameter, no iris, no shutter. Projecting an image on the wall, it looks it it woudl very easily cover 4x5.

I searched the archives here and elsewher, and turned up no real information other than "it's a copy lens." So yes, I already know that. :(

My question, has anybody actually ever used or tried using one? I don't see how this lens could be easily mounted in a shutter (front mounted in a #5 shutter at best). I did a cut and paste form Google translation (German to English) and found this in the translation

The COPY CLARONE is present in smooth cylinder versions without iris screen. However also different kinds of version are possible. Likewise the installation of iris screens is feasible.

...so an iris can be installed, but I do not knwo if this lens is worth it. It appears to be a 1:1 copy lens, but problaly like the G-Clarons, stopped down, ti might be a fine lens. More reading, google german to english here...

The aforementioned optical systems can be used naturally also in neighbouring ranges of 1:1 - illustration. 1:1 know in the case of the scale m (= dimension of picture area from object size) itself resulting in the picture circle fig. DM after that from the picture circle diameter for the illustration the following relationship to be determined: Under the aforementioned COPY CLARONEN are five, which are symmetrically developed (see table). These symmetrical objectives leave use themselves for particularly briefly built photocopying apparatuses, if one illustrates the collecting main schlitzförmig.

If nothing else, I suppose I can get all excited over the fact I own a lens capable of schlitzförmig. :)

Back to reality, I know this lens was pulled from some sort of industrial / commercial duplication or copy machine, but still, the optics look pretty good. So any chance anyone here knows anything about actually using these lenses?


15-Jun-2006, 20:38
sorry, never heard of it.

in general, copy lenses can be used outside their optimized magnification range, but are best for contact printing when you do this.

very few 1:1 apo lenses are great at infinity for enlargements.

if you're planning on doing any schlitzförmig, though, then you can't go wrong.

Thomas Vaehrmann
15-Jun-2006, 22:42
Hi Joseph,

actually I didn't own a C-claron but Schneider-literature says they were buildt for copy work for xerox-copying. As these copies have a fixed size and were not enlarged the resolution isn't very high. They were buildt for speed. I think it's not worth to put any money in such a lens. G-Clarons are much better, have at least an aperture and can be put into a shutter.

kind regards