View Full Version : Kodak HC110 compared to Ilford Ilfotec HC

15-Jun-2006, 05:45
Has anyone compared these two B+W developers?

My guess is that they would be fairly similar but until I try the Ilford I'm not sure.

Donald Qualls
15-Jun-2006, 22:26
Matches what I've read, but I haven't tried the Ilford product either. Massive Dev Chart shows very similar, but not identical times for most films I spot checked.

Ralph Barker
16-Jun-2006, 06:15
They are supposed to be similar, chemically, and functionally equivalent. I haven't actually seen an in-depth comparison, however.

I've used Ilfotec HC, and it's a nice general-purpose developer - convenient and economical.

Mark Sampson
16-Jun-2006, 06:23
Per Anchell &Troop's film developing handbook, many Ilford developers are just copies of Kodak formulas- D-76/ID-11 being the most obvious. The "HC" in the Ilford product name might provide a pointer to its composition... never tried it myself so can't say for sure. Minor variations in the times listed in the Massive Development chart may well be down to the individual worker's methods and tastes.

Ralph Barker
16-Jun-2006, 09:45
Officially, I think the "HC" is supposed to be for "highly concentrated" .