View Full Version : 4x5 folding cameras. Any accessory to upgrade to 5x7?

Paul Schilliger
15-Mar-2000, 08:32
Horseman has an accessory adaptable back that allows upgrading it's 6x9 folding camera to 4x5. Has such a back ever been made by any company to upgrade 4x5 inte rnational backs to 5x7? It consists in a spring back and ground glass on limited bellows. It allows the use of some lenses only but the 5x7 format would be very nice, I think with the 110 XL and some other lenses I use for 4x5.

Urs Bernhard
16-Mar-2000, 14:49
Hi Paul, WISTA makes a 4x5 to 5x7 back. Check www.wista.com or B+H. regards, Urs

Paul Schilliger
16-Mar-2000, 17:03
Thanks Urs. Wista link is http://www.wista.co.jp/e_wista/english.htm . They do not speak on the wooden cameras. This adaptator is a wooden cone and I don't think it would work on a camera such as the Technika. It should be a graflock type.