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Barry F
14-Jun-2006, 14:41

Just a few quick lines to say hello. I've been lurking for a while and having recently bought my first LF camera, a 5x4 De Vere monorail, thought I'd join the forum.

I'm a 53 yrs old cop, living in the NW of England, Bolton, and been seriously interested in photography since 1988 when I picked up my first SLR.

Since then I've progressed, and regressed (became too snap happy with the advent of digital cameras), and currently use 35mm film, D-SLR, 645 Bronica and, as above, the 5x4 (well I will be when I get my head round some guy called Scheimpflug ;) ).

I'll be using the 5x4 for architecture and landscape photography - works out much cheaper than a 35mm or 645 tilt/shift lens and far better quality.

As I retire from the police in 4 years time I recently enrolled on a 4 year part-time foundation degree course starting in September - more for self-esteem than anything else. This course was the main reason for getting the 5x4 - can't wait to get started with it.

Anyway enough from me. Nice to be here :)


Eric Biggerstaff
14-Jun-2006, 14:45
Welcome Barry, have fun!

Walter Calahan
14-Jun-2006, 15:16
Oh don't let our niceness fool you. Grin.

Welcome aboard.


Ralph Barker
14-Jun-2006, 15:27
Welcome, Barry.

Graeme Hird
14-Jun-2006, 16:00
Hi Barry.

We are nice people - mostly! Welcome aboard.


14-Jun-2006, 16:07
Welcome Barry! The folks here are an interesting and NICE batch if I may say so.

Frank Petronio
14-Jun-2006, 16:37
We even argue nicely...

14-Jun-2006, 16:50
Hello Barry,

Welcome to the club... yes, there are some really great people here. And, a few who like to argue too! :)

Cop??? I thought you policemen were called "bobbies" over there! :)

Great idea to enroll in a course... self-esteem or not. :) It's a smart move to get the correct foundations in place... especially in large format.

And, afterwards, who knows?

Fine Art photography? :)


Bob Gentile
14-Jun-2006, 18:46
Welcome, Barry, from another forum "newbie" -- joined last month after the changeover.

35, MF, digital, and now LF? Sounds like you've got all the formats covered. Hope to see you around.

Jim MacKenzie
14-Jun-2006, 19:45

I'm a large-format newbie too (I've owned 5x4 for all of four days!) but I've already learned a lot thanks to the forums here. I'm sure you'll enjoy the site.


Barry F
15-Jun-2006, 02:32
Hi Folks,

Many, many thanks for the warm welcome.

Capocheny - I thought I'd use the term 'cop' so our colonial friends would know what I meant ;) . Re your query about possible subsequent Fine Art photography, if I'm successful in the Foundation Degree I get a guaranteed place at another college for 12 months to convert it into an Honours Degree in Fine Art or Documentary Photography.


Frank Petronio
15-Jun-2006, 05:36
So tell us about the avatar... who is it?

Barry F
15-Jun-2006, 06:38

Some people say it's Homer Simpson's latest X-Ray - my wife disagrees and says it must be me and my small brain as I spend so much on camera gear:rolleyes:

Ralph Barker
15-Jun-2006, 07:49
Barry - I don't think your wife is properly considering all of the evidence. You're doing LF now, which requires a much larger brain. The brain in the x-ray is obviously a Minox user. ;)

Jeff Morfit
15-Jun-2006, 13:18
Welcome to the dark slide, Barry, from which there is no escape. Embrace the dark slide. :-)