View Full Version : Speed Graphic -> Calumet CC400 lensboard adapter?

Jim MacKenzie
14-Jun-2006, 11:34
I have been interested in LF photography for several years and finally took the plunge a few days ago, purchasing an entire system from a friend including two old Speed Graphics, a Calumet CC400 monorail, and a bunch of lenses, plus holders (including Polaroid holders). I'm in good shape!

I plan to use both types of cameras (I will probably sell one Speed Graphic but the other will make a great field camera). I don't want to have to move lenses from one board to another so I'm wondering if there is some adapter board for the Calumet that would take the Speed Graphic boards. This way I could have all my lenses on Speed Graphic boards and use the lenses on either camera at will.

Is this possible? Or are the boards too similar in size?

14-Jun-2006, 17:58
Calumet made an adapter board back in the day ( I got mine off ebay for $40). You might call them to see if they still stock any or have any around. You mount the lens to the speed graphic board and then it attaches the adapter that mounts on the monorail camera.

Jim MacKenzie
14-Jun-2006, 19:50
That's exactly what I wanted. Thanks.