View Full Version : Any tidings of new Cooke lenses

Richard Årlin
14-Jun-2006, 09:18
It has been some time now... project skipped or what


Kerry L. Thalmann
14-Jun-2006, 09:27

I spoke with Barbara Lowry of Cooke at the large format conference in Rockford last week and she said a 4x5 version of their Series XVa is still in the works. No definite plans or schedules for additional new still photography products. They'd like to do more, but their bread and butter is their cinematic products and that's where they spend most of their resources. Liker you, I'd love to see an udpated Series VIIc wide angle offering, but that may be years away, if ever.


Arne Croell
14-Jun-2006, 10:22
Thanks for the update Kerry. Did she say anything about a possible release date for the 4x5 S. XVa? Photokina maybe?

Richard Årlin
14-Jun-2006, 10:48
Have a VIIb 4 1/4 in shutter, a 5 1/4 in barrel and a 6 1/4 in shutter and I'd love to have a new 82 mm and swap a 75 mm SA 5,6 and a 90 mm 8 to get it

Jim Galli
14-Jun-2006, 12:10
Barbara, if you're listening. Think flagship that competes with Schneider's XXL series. A Series VII 222mm and 312mm would do it.