View Full Version : Any secret sights in/near Shanghai?

12-Jun-2006, 21:18
Just bought my ticket, I'll be in Shanghai later this summer. I'd appreciate hearing hints anybody might have for LF or wide angle photography in or around the city, especially stuff beyond the obvious tourist destinations. Old stuff and heavy industry always interest me; people, no. Photographically speaking, that is.


Hugo Zhang
12-Jun-2006, 21:59
Hangzhou and Suzhou are very nice, Everything are changing so fast in China, especially in Shanghai. To avoid tourist traps and with your LF, you may have to hire a taxi with a local drive and an interpreter for a day. Get out the city and see what you like.

Ron Marshall
13-Jun-2006, 08:13
Suzhow is a very pleasant city, with canals and arch bridges, however it is usually has many Chinese tour groups. I was driven there by a friend so I couldn't choose the time of my visit, but I thought that it would be a wonderful place to be at sunrise, without tour groups and perhaps with a little mist on the canals.

Besides photo locations don't miss the wonderful museum in Shanghai. I don't recall the name, but it was recently constructed and is the main city museum.

william linne
13-Jun-2006, 10:23
I took the train from Shanghai to Wuxi and there are lots of interesting industrial areas to shoot (if that's your thing). The train stops in Suzhou as well. I speak Mandarin so it might be easier for you to go poking around these sights if you can speak the lingo or have someone to help you out.

14-Jun-2006, 10:50

Chris Pandino
9-Jul-2006, 20:54
It's funny how when you travel, you see interesting pictures everywhere. The familiarity of home makes it seem dull.

Just start walking away from the main thoroughfares and you'll find fruit stands, butcher shops, architecture and any number of photogenic things. The fewer the vehicles, the more interesting it gets.

I have a few uninteresting shots here (http://www.photo.net/photodb/folder?folder_id=222537), including the museum to which Ron referred. Pick up a Rolex or two while you're there.


9-Jul-2006, 21:01
Hey CXC,

Just remember a few basic words such as xie xie (thank you), ni hao (how are you?), bu xie (no thanks), and jia jin (good bye.)

You'll be fine!

The people there are very friendly and as long as you're civil... they'll treat you well! :) There's LOTS and LOTS of things to photograph and btw, don't forget to take a smaller format camera to take shots of some of the out-of-the-way places... and the people! :)

I was in Beijing awhile ago and had a great time!

Have fun!


Ron Marshall
9-Jul-2006, 22:35
The most important Chinese phrase to remember for your visit is: Tai gui le (too expensive), comes in very handy.

QT Luong
16-Jul-2006, 13:56
If I remember well, Gursky has some impressive architectural images of contemporary Shanghai.

Gordon Moat
16-Jul-2006, 14:45
The Shanghai ShenHao Professional Camera Company.


Gordon Moat

william linne
17-Jul-2006, 12:24
They also have a new racetrack just outside the city. It's supposed to be an amazing piece of architecture.

Here's a link with crappy photos. Looks interesting.


william linne
17-Jul-2006, 12:31
Also, there is a "traditional" Chinese town right outside of Shanghai. It might be cool to take pictures there. You can catch a bus there from the parking lot of one of the big sports stadiums,I forget which one. The town has traditional chinese houses,bridges,etc.Go early though, because it gets really packed. I was there last during the SARS thing, and it was still packed. I loved being there during SARS, I got the SARS discount every where I went because tourism was so down. Stayed in a 5 star hotel for 25 bucks a night in Wuxi. I think I was one of only 10 people in the hotel that week.

Shanghai is the most phenomenal city I've ever visited. I think you'll have a blast though you will garner a lot of attention with a lf camera. I'm 6'4 and 250 pounds and I got pointed at everywhere I went,once I left the environs of Shanghai. Came in handy though in some night clubs.

Most important phrase "Ni shi hen piaoliang!" You are very beautiful....