View Full Version : 210 apo-symmar on an 8x10

Austin Moore
12-Jun-2006, 19:44
i was wondering if my schneider apo-symmar had enough coverage for use on 8x10

Sheldon N
12-Jun-2006, 20:28
By the specifications, the image circle is 305mm, which is close but not quite. Schneider does have a reputation for being conservative in their image circle ratings, so you may be able to squeak by without dark corners if you stop down.

Perhaps go on the hunt for a 210mm or 240mm G Claron - both of which would do the job.

12-Jun-2006, 20:44

except its very close so at less than infinity or smaller than f22 it would probably cover it but with virtually no shift or rise unless you were doing close ups.

Ted Harris
13-Jun-2006, 06:27
I'v owned one, I've tried it nd the simple answer is that you will get a bit of vignetting in the corners .... e.g. it doesn't cover.

Armin Seeholzer
13-Jun-2006, 15:01

I have the 210 APO Symmar and an Rodenstock 210mm Sironar N and booth cover 8x10 easy and with a tiny bit of shift possibilitys at infinity but the corners are not very sharp!
I did also get some wonderfull result with my 300mm APO Ronar MC which should also not cover and did a shoot at infinity with tilt and stoped down to f 22 and it covered but also there the corners are a tiny bit soft but no vignetting at all!
I just stopped for shopping of a plasmat 300 mm because of my test result!
Test it for yourself and don't believe in others this may vary from lens to lens a bit!

Austin Moore
13-Jun-2006, 21:19
well i developed the film and it seems to cover quite well with no rise or fall or shifts see for your self at www.myspace.com/austinspace20 i did a self portrate with it in tight quaters

Sheldon N
13-Jun-2006, 23:04
Yes, it should be able to cover 8x10 when focused closer like that. It's when you bring the standards closer together to focus out to infinity that you may run into problems with coverage. All lenses have heaps of coverage when you start to focus really close.