View Full Version : Thank you for birrthday greetings!

Hening Bettermann
12-Jun-2006, 15:31

Today, on my [ 64. :-( ] birthday , I received a surprising and warming wish for a happy birthday from lfgroup-at-largeformatphotography-dot-info. I don't quite know where to say thank you, so I try here.

Maybe I should use this opportunity to present myself. I have not done this before, even though I have enjoyed this forum for over a year now, because I could not - and still can not - accompany the words by images, since my scanning workflow is still not established, and it will take quite a while before I may get around to change that.

So: I have photographed landscape in my holidays between 1972 and 1985, starting with a spy-camera borrowed from my then girlfriend, then a Nikkormat, a Pentacon Six, and, from 1980, a 6x9 Arca Swiss. Around 1985, I drowned in depression. As the result of long-term therapy, I have gradually recovered, reaching what I feel "normal" around year 2000. In the meantime, the depression had become the reason of an early retirement from a job as a school physician.

In october 2004, I read in the newspaper that the local conservationist group had embarked on a registration of remainders of nature-near forest in the surroundings of Oslo, where I have lived since 1992. The registration work would imply photographing, and I felt at once that this would be a dream project for me to participate in.

I decided to pull my Arca out of the closet and bring it into working condition. As the result of my earlier experience, I want to be able to calculate the tilt angle and apply it on a precision scale. Some machine work was called for. To my great surprise, it turned out that machinists have other things to do than my camera - think of that! So far, the Arca has not been in action. Now I have gotten impatient and ordered a digicam, which is bound to arrive one of these days. This will at least enable me to participate in the registration project. The "fine art" will have to wait a little.

By now, your patience reading my story may be as exhausted as my patience waiting for machinists. So I'll stop here and maybe get back when I can show some pictures.

Thank you for thinking of my birthday!

12-Jun-2006, 15:57
Happy Birthday Hening! You should put the Arca in action!

Ralph Barker
12-Jun-2006, 16:10
Happy birthday, Hening.

Mike H.
12-Jun-2006, 16:35
Happy Birthday all the way back to Oslo, Hening. In another sixteen months I will become 64 also (I'm still a youngster :) ). And I love my ARCA-SWISS. It will be fun to see what you do with yours. Hope you get to enjoy it.

Ron Marshall
12-Jun-2006, 17:53
Happy birthday Hening, and many more. Good luck with your project and with the Arca. Hopefully you will post some photos here soon.