View Full Version : 65mm SW lenses - comments on the different brands?

19-Jan-2000, 15:25

I am looking for comments from folks who have compared (shot with) the current m ulticoated 65mm super wides from Nikon (65mm f4), Schneider (65mm f5.6 SA), and Rodenstock (65mm f4.5)

I especially need specific comments on the edge quality of all three lenses as I would likely be using the lens to the limit.

Thanks in advance!

Ellis Vener
19-Jan-2000, 16:22
I am very happy with the 65mm f/4.5 Rodenstock Grandagon. I had whittled my choi ces down to that and the Nikkor; didn't like the 65mm Super Angulon because of falloff. However I recommend you look at the 58 mm XL Super Angulon a nd the 55mm APO Grandagon.

Paul Schilliger
19-Jan-2000, 19:29
My Nikkor SW f4/65 is very sharp. The wide opening is appreciated on the GG for such wide lenses. I would not give any indication on the extreme edge sharpness for my approach is not so technical, but it is usable with a fair amount of fall/rise on the 4x5 format.

Bruce Gavin
23-Jan-2000, 17:35
Light falloff is a fact of life with extreme wide angle lenses. Deal with it by using a center filter.

I did an exterior catalog shoot with a 65mm Nikkor-SW, and can testify the lens is sharp across the board. Light falloff is awful, especially shooting chromes.

My regular wide angle is a 75mm Nikkor-SW because it gives more movements than the 65mm (almost nothing).

Get a center filter and use it, as all wide angles will have falloff.