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Bob McCarthy
12-Jun-2006, 13:39
Just read where Jobo is getting out of the film/print processor business.


Oren Grad
12-Jun-2006, 14:27
Bob, do you mean something other than what has already happened in the United States, where Jobo USA was reorganized and transferred US distribution of its analog darkroom gear to OmegaSatter?

If you do mean something more than that, then please cite a specific source for this information so that others can check it and evaluate its credibility. Otherwise, spreading rumors like this does more harm than good.

Gary Smith
12-Jun-2006, 14:34
There is nothing on Jobo's homepage, either international or USA. As Oren said, they did reorganize the North American Operations last year.


Bob McCarthy
12-Jun-2006, 19:51
This was posted by a David White on LL.

"Looks like JOBO is throwing in the towel also. They will be stopping production of their processors. They said that they will continue to offer spare parts and analog processing accessories."

I don't know David to swing from the hip!!

Oren Grad
12-Jun-2006, 20:34
I think I found the source:


With a bit of Babelfish help, I'm afraid I know what it says, but can any of the German-speakers here give us a clean read?

Oren Grad
12-Jun-2006, 22:11
Here's the Babelfished version of the relevant content:

In the past years a clear decrease is to be registered in the similar photo market, which JOBO could compensate promptly with digital know-how and innovative digital products. The digital business constitutes today already 85 % of the gross income. The production of the traditional similar machines is not to be arranged for the Mittelstaendler any longer profitable, so that JOBO executive committee Johannes Bockemuehl Simon of heavy heart will separate from this product segment. JOBO adapts thereby to the decreases in the film business, is pleased however to save the proven JOBO processor technology into the digital picture world. "it is not easy for us to separate us from a line of business to which formed the foundation-stone of our business success and without our outstanding market positioning today would be not conceivable. The more expect I to the introduction on the market of the JOBO/DigePrint mini lab with tension and am convinced that we developed a product corresponding to real market conditions ", so Bockemuehl Simon themselves. "will be further accessories like the traditional JOBO tanks, spirals, bowls, etc. in the JOBO delivery program to find. Also further spare parts for for decades the devices in the market will be available. In the double sense applies thus: "we develop further." On the one hand new technologies and on the other hand also (further) photo." Thus the JOBO goes ATL era to end, however through the LumeJet 1500 into the new, digital photo world is transferred. With the new system set JOBO and DigePrint on full digital inputs and exzellente quality with the similar output in 400 dpi dissolution.

Bob McCarthy
13-Jun-2006, 06:02

David White posted this link this morning.


Oren Grad
13-Jun-2006, 07:06
Bob - thanks for that link to the translated verrsion, and sorry for my blunt skepticism yesterday. Guess I've seen too many false rumors over the past couple of years as the industry has shaken out. Unfortunately, sometimes one you'd rather not hear ends up panning out...

Bob McCarthy
13-Jun-2006, 09:40

When I read your post, I was worried that I did spread a false rumor. I have been annoyed by that in the past and I was concerned that I was passing on unsubstanciated info. I felt comfortable with the source.

I find I am a bellweather type of person. I entered HQ digital at the beginning of the surge over, and now I going back to HQ film. Hopefully its the beginning of a reversal. I'd like to see the infrastructure stay in place for a while.


Eric Biggerstaff
13-Jun-2006, 11:59
A question - the information provided does not mention ending production of the drums or rotarty processors - just the AutoLab, PrintLab and ProDry products, do you think they will still produce the Expert drums, etc? Or are they totally getting out of the analog business?


Bob McCarthy
13-Jun-2006, 12:15
In recent years JOBO has continuously overcompensated for the steady decline of its dark room business with innovative digital product introductions. Presently, the digital business represents more than 85% of JOBO world-wide sales. In fact, manufacturing the traditional analog processors for a profitable return is no longer possible. Therefore JOBO CEO Johannes Bockemühl-Simon has been forced to make the unfortunate decision of discontinuing this product line.

Not too clear, but if 85% is digital, total analog has become insignificant in the big picture. The changes in the photo industry are mind boggling. I live in a large city (DFW) and all the pro level shops are ill. All but one has dropped the non-digital side of their businesses. And the digital side has no follow-on film purchases/processing. And I can buy a digital camera anywhere.

"Jobo products are loosing their distribution channels". This has to be killing all analog products

Mail order/Internet is seemingly healthy. I'll bet digital Jobo products are doing well there,


Oren Grad
13-Jun-2006, 12:18
Eric -

That's not clear. If I had to guess from the press release, I'd say that they're going to stop production of all processing machines but keep providing parts for as long as stocks allow, which may be many years, and also that they'll keep selling analog drums and reels for as long as they don't lose money on them.

I think the Expert drums are a big question. I had an interesting discussion about the Expert drums a few years ago with someone from Jobo USA. I hadn't appreciated before then just how expensive the tooling was for each of the drums. What that says is that for sure, once the tooling wears out there won't be any more, because sales going forward would never come close to covering the cost of new tooling. But I'm not sure whether there's enough demand even to sustain some continued production with the existing tooling, or whether they'll just sell off whatever stocks they have.

But again, this is only speculation on my part. It would be nice if they would issue a clear statement about the fate of the different product lines, but given that they didn't even bother issuing this press release in English, I don't know whether we can expect that.

Eric Biggerstaff
13-Jun-2006, 12:26
Thanks all.

Gregory Gomez
13-Jun-2006, 13:09
Fortunately, I came into some stock option money that has allowed me to buy a Jobo CPP-2 off of E-bay. (No, the options were not back-dated. :D )

I'm not going to wait for the other shoe to fall. In the next week or two, I plan to buy the Jobo Expert Drum that will allow me to develop six 4x5 or 5x7 sheets of film at one time.

Before we know it, the Expert drums will also be a thing of the past.

In the near future, I will also buy spare parts for my processor. Who knows whether Jobo will be around in ten years when I may need replacement parts.