View Full Version : Backpack Solution for 4x5 - Light Weight!

Jack Brady
12-Jun-2006, 07:54
The backpack is the Osprey 35 which in the Large Size weighs 2.8 pounds. In the standard/small size it only weighs 2.2 pounds. Prices range from $109 on sale to $139-$159 normally.

As Iím 6í 4Ē I went for the large size and it fits me perfectly!

Besides itís very light weight, the pack is the most comfortable Iíve ever worn and is perfect for hiking in warm climates Ė the pack is actually elevated off of your back and there is an air channel that allows air to circulate between you and the pack!!

Now, the packs back panel opens, itís not a top loader, and exposes one single compartment.

To protect my lenses, I have purchased extremely light weight plastic containers with snap lock tops. These were purchased at the Container Store and the size I purchased each hold one lens mounted on the lensboard. Cost was about $5.00/container. The containers are made by Snapware and called SnapíN Lock. The size I bought for my 4 lenses are the 4.25 cups, 1lt size and they each will hold the 80XL, 135 Rodenstock, 210 Nikkor and 300 Nikkor perfectly.

For protection of my Ebony 45SU, I purchase a DN-27 Urethane PC Case for A4 sizes. Cost of this was $20 at the Container store.

From the attached images you can see that everything fits perfectly in the pack. I put the spot meter on the front pocket of the waist belt, along with other small items.

Total weight of the whole pack is 26.4 pounds with the Gitzo 1227 MKII tripod, Arca Swiss ball head and the RRS Panorama head. Iíll be reducing the weight of the tripod configuration by over a pound just as soon as the RRS head arrives from UPS and replaces the Arca Swiss head.

In short, Iíve done several hikes with the pack here in north Georgia and Iím delighted with the results.

Hope this helps someone get more enjoyment out of their hikes!

Jack Brady
12-Jun-2006, 08:02
Opps, just check my math on the calculator and the actual loaded weight is 25.8 pounds, not 26.4.


Bob McCarthy
12-Jun-2006, 08:22
I am not seeing the pictures of the setup?


Ron Marshall
12-Jun-2006, 08:46
Jack, have you ever had any problems from the humidity and sealed containers? After returning home from shooting do you open the snaplock containers to release the humid air, or do you put silica gel in the containers?

Bruce Watson
12-Jun-2006, 08:54
Yup. I've been using an Osprey pack for years for my 5x4 gear. If I ever wear this one out, I'll certainly look to Osprey for another.

Jack Brady
12-Jun-2006, 10:59
Bob - your right - I must have screwed up on loading the images.
Any hints on it?

Ron, I've not had any problem with humidity - I do open the containers when I return home and leave them that way till the next trip.

Jack Brady
13-Jun-2006, 14:48
Folks, this should show the images of the pack and gear configuration.

Sheldon N
27-Jun-2006, 10:23
I just picked up an Osprey Atmos 35 based on the recommendations in this thread. It's a great lightweight pack with plenty of capacity for my 4x5 field kit. I'm using the pack to carry:

Wista DX 4x5 wood field, Nikkor 90mm SW f/8, Fuji W 150mm f/5.6 and Fuji A 240mm f/9 in a Gnass 3 lens case, Pentax Spotmeter V, Kodak Readyload Holder with 15-20 sheets of color film plus a couple Fidelity Holders (for B&W) in a Gnass 3 pouch readyload holder, Fuji Loupe, Filters in folding case, and BTZS Darkcloth. My tripod (Fiesol CT-3301N & Kirk BH-3) attaches nicely to the side of the pack.

To hold the Wista, I found an interesting solution. Case Logic makes a flexible neoprene sleeve designed to hold a portable DVD player. It zips up snugly around the Wista and offers a decent level of protection from scrapes and dings. It's very lightweight and only cost $20.

Total pack weight including tripod is right at 19lbs. Hooray for lighter gear!