View Full Version : What ISO would be Scheiner 19 degrees?

11-Jun-2006, 18:28
Sorry, I can't find anything by Googling.

Jim Noel
11-Jun-2006, 19:49
Are you asking about U.S. Scheiner or German Scheiner. They are different.

11-Jun-2006, 20:33
German. Approximately 1936.

Michael Daily
15-Jun-2006, 16:48
Scheiner 19 degrees=
Weston 5
Ame Scheiner 13
DIN 6/10
H&D 125
(ref.: Leica Manual, Morgan and Lester, 1940)
Scheiner 19 degrees=ASA 3.0
(ref: Hbk of Chemistry and Physics 33rd ed., Hodgamn, 1951)
Hope this helps.