View Full Version : Crown Graphic - removing bellows

Anthony Williams
14-Mar-2000, 09:52
I need to replace the rear guide rails on my Crown Graphic. It looks like I may need to remove the bellows to have working room in the body to unscrew the old rails and replace. For the life of me I can't seem to determine how you remove the bellows. As always - thanks.

Doug Paramore
14-Mar-2000, 10:49
Anthony: Remove the lens board and extend the bellows. Look inside and see if there aren't some screws holding the bellows to the back. Some were mounted with a metal band if memory serves me correctly. The screws should be inside the last fold at the rear of the bellows, inside the bellows. Doug.

Dave Brown
14-Mar-2000, 23:02
On my crown, (a top rangefinder model) there are two clips, one top and one bottom, that hold the bellows to the back. Just pop these off with a small screwdriver, and the bellows will come out. As I remember, you have to fold the bellows inward at the sides a bit in order to remove it from the back.