View Full Version : Are lens boards interchangeable

8-Jun-2006, 18:22
Just got a Symmar 180mm lens in a Copal #1 shutter for my Toyo View 45G (which uses 158mm square lens boards). The only lens board I have is for Copal #0.

What are my options. A new board from Toyo is way too expensive. I'm looking at used boards. What brands will work? For example, will a Lihof or Sinar board work?

Ron Marshall
8-Jun-2006, 18:43
KEH and Midwest usualy have a good selection of used boards. No need to buy new.

Here is the KEH page for lensboards, with several Toyo boards listed by hole diameter:


Joe Forks
8-Jun-2006, 19:19
Off the top of my head I can't tell you if any other brands are 158mm square, but SK Grimes web site has a nice table detailing specs for many boards, they also list compatibles in those cases.

here I dug up the link for you:


sorry I just noticed they only list the toyo field and not toyo view, hmm guess the chart isn't complete :)