View Full Version : Rodenstock Apo-Ronar info

Rob Vinnedge
8-Jun-2006, 09:22
I am trying to find information on Apo-Ronars, particularly on the 1000mm f14 and 1000mm f16 versions. Does anyone know who to contact in the US who would have written information, or who could give me an analysis of the difference between the two lenses?

Steve Hamley
8-Jun-2006, 09:32
Bob Salomon at HP Marketing. He posts here frequently.


Rob Vinnedge
8-Jun-2006, 09:45
Thanks. I'm hoping Bob will tune in. I can't find a way to contact him directly.

Dan Fromm
8-Jun-2006, 09:53

Bob Salomon
8-Jun-2006, 11:00
Sorry these were process lenses sold in the graphic arts industry and not camera lenses sold through photo channels. We have no info on them. A graphic arts camera manufacturer's site would.