View Full Version : Tele-Technikon 180mm

Bob Tescione
7-Jun-2006, 12:37
Saw this 180mm Tele Technikon on e*** and wasn't able to find out anything about it with the typical Google searches.

Apparently its for 6x9, but thats OK for me as I use a Horseman 980. Can anyone help with any pertinent info on the lens?

Im currently putting toghether a set of lenses for this camera and currently have a 65mm Mamiya Press and a 105 Nikkor M. Im thinking 180mm and 240mm to complete a set. Is this a reasonable spacing of focal lengths for 6x9? Ive seen a lot of discussion about sets of lenses for 4x5 but not for 6x9.


Bob Salomon
7-Jun-2006, 17:14
That is a name Linhof used on some Rodenstock lenses that they sold OEM.