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Dan Jolicoeur
7-Jun-2006, 06:18
I apoligies to the person who post regularly from New Brunswick or Prince Edward Island, but I can't remember your name.

Can anyone in this area give me some Ideas for a photography vacation. I am looking to capture large rock formations created from large tides, or any other Ideas? I will be traveling by car from Bangor Maine. I will be shooting LF only with my wife shooting with a Maymia RB67, digital and 35mm. The main purpose is for LF B&W though..hm! Not looking for long hikes; less than a mile from the car!

I haven't checked out the driving distance yet, but if there are other recomendations closer along the bay of Fundy I am all eyes.

Time frame is going to be based mainly spur of the moment by weather reports, but looking for sometime in July. We will be leaving the camper home this year and staying in economy Hotel/bread&Breakfast, Cabin's. We will be there up to 10 days or until money is gone....


You can email me privatley if you prefer.

Walter Calahan
7-Jun-2006, 09:28
PEI is a wonderful place for a vacation and photography, but not for large rock formations sculpted by dramatic tides.

Try Nova Scotia instead. The New Brunswick coast line of the Bay of Fundy is a good idea, too.

John Jarosz
7-Jun-2006, 09:32
Cheticamp on Cape Breton (Northern Nova Scotia) is fantastic for what you describe.


Mark McCarvill
7-Jun-2006, 11:06
Not sure how large you want the rock formations to be, but PEI does have some cool scenery in this department. For example, check out this photo (http://www.johnsylvester.com/web/places_large.php?id=2) from Seaview on the north shore.

Dan Jolicoeur
7-Jun-2006, 12:01
John that is the type of scene I am looking for, along with some of the other suggestions. We have never been to PEI so thought I may get some locations similar to yours. With a hole in one rock or outcropping to frame the scene. Without tracking tripod holes! Nice picture! I need locations....
I haven't had time to browse the internet.

Walter Calahan
7-Jun-2006, 12:30
John, very nice shot of the red rock of the north shore. I feature a bicycle touring picture on my web site under the portfolio page. www.walterpcalahan.com

Don, the red rock area of the north shore is not a very big area, nor are the rock extremely tall. John shot is a view with an extreme wide angle lens from down low. You can see this entire area of PEI in an afternoon. Very pretty, but remember most of PEI is a very "quiet" landscape. The tides in the Bay of St. Lawrence are not extreme as they are in the Bay of Fundy.

You'll have a wonderful vacation on PEI, the people are great, the food excellent and the culture small town. There's lots to see and photograph, but not a lot of LARGE rock formations, so I don't want you to be disappointed.

Perhaps a few stop on the Bay of Fundy for the large rocks, and some wonderful quiet time on PEI.

And avoid the Green Gables stuff. HA!

Dan Jolicoeur
7-Jun-2006, 13:13
Walter thanks for the advice. We would like to take the "CAT" or high speed ferry from Bar harbor over to Nova Scotia, but it's about $225 one way for the car and 2 people. That's a lot of gas to drive over. Just maybe a 14 hour trip rather than 4 by the CAT. I would rather drive around and see some sights. I am not sure if we will go to PI now or just research some more around the Bay of Fundy.
Thanks for the heads up; helps me make a decision on just where to go, I think?:confused:

7-Jun-2006, 17:37
Try the Nova Scotia travel board at Novascotia.com These folks are first class and a chat on the phone will get all the maps and brochures delivered right to your door. Have fun and don't pass up the National and Provincal Parks.

-Neil, Lunenburg, N.S.

Mark McCarvill
8-Jun-2006, 09:50
Thatís not my photograph, by the way. The photographer is John Sylvester.


Michael Daily
8-Jun-2006, 14:17
PEI is a wonderful place to vacation, but at least I did not find dramatic scenery. Beautiful flowers, greenery, great people and food! I hope to go again and it is worth the drive from Indiana. For dramatic, go west.

Dan Jolicoeur
9-Jun-2006, 06:01
For dramatic, go west.

I would like to Michael but, I am trying to put together a local Maine coastal & Maritime portfolio. I am trying to get out of my local area for some inspiration and new scenery. I have a wonderful playground in my own State. From wonderful rivers to a coastal wonderland, but need a change to break this mental creativity block. Another few years when the kids are gone I'll go West.

When you say West From Maine You need to be a little more specific if you know what I mean; New Hampshire is west to me.....


Ralph Barker
9-Jun-2006, 06:05
Or, going east (from Maine) might be interesting, too. I'd love to see someone design an underwater housing for a view camera. ;)