View Full Version : Comparison chart for 5x4,6.45 and 35mm formats

6-Jun-2006, 08:12
As my background is in using 5x4 are am regularly trying to work out what the focal length of 35mm or 6.45 lens equivalent is in comparison.Can anyone give me advise where to find a chart to compare theres formats.Thanks for your help.

Eric Biggerstaff
6-Jun-2006, 08:29
Here you go:


This is under the free articles section on the View Camera Magazine site, it should help.

6-Jun-2006, 10:12
A 4x5 negative has an image 120mm wide. Since a 35mm negative image is 36mm wide: 36/120=0.3, so just multiply your LF focal length by 0.3 to get the 35mm equivilant. For 645, 56/120=0.467, so for practical purposes just divide your LF focal length by 2.

Ralph Barker
6-Jun-2006, 10:32
Just to confuse things a bit more, you'll find several discussions of equivalent focal lengths in the archives here. The differences in aspect ratios between the formats also affect what people feel are "equivalent".

27-May-2010, 20:51
This comparison table (chart) Compares lens focal length and format. It is from page 232 from the 1998 B&H Pro Photo Sourcebook. It is invaluable to me because I have so many different formats.

The PDF is linked here: http://tinyurl.com/32fk9sb