View Full Version : Interesting Ebay Auction - Fuji A 360mm

Sheldon N
5-Jun-2006, 20:52
I noticed this on Ebay today and thought I'd point it out. These lenses seem to be pretty rare, showing up maybe 3-4 times a year. I had the last one that I've seen, and sold it maybe a month ago for $1300 (helped pay for a Nikkor 90mm and a Fuji A 240mm). I since am regretting selling it, but I don't have the funds to bid on this one. Amazing little lens, with huge coverage - a Kerry Thalmann future classic.

I figured someone else here would be on the lookout, though. I know Don was after one... ;-)

The auction # is 7626897841. No affiliations with the seller, just wanted to point anyone who was interested towards a rare lens.

5-Jun-2006, 21:16

Thanks for the heads-up... think I'll take a peek at it (if you know what I mean!:))