View Full Version : G-claron 240 enlarging lens - shutter mounting

Jeff Spear
5-Jun-2006, 15:27
I've just acquired a 240mm G-claron enlarging lens. On the assumption (which I'm beginning to think was mistaken) that Schneider never made an enlarger specific g-claron (I checked the website), I thought that I would be able to unscrew the elements from the enlarging barrel and screw them into a copal 1.

The rear element unscrews without a problem, but there doesn't appear to be an easy way to separate the front element from the iris/aperture housing. Does anyone know whether this lens can be mounted in a copal 1, and if so, how the front cell can be removed? I do see a single small screw on the rear of the iris housing- is that the way to remove it?

Any help would be much appreciated.

John Kasaian
5-Jun-2006, 15:31
I bought a 240 G Claron and put it on a #1 Copal with no problems. It is an excellent lens! Perhaps a strap wrench on the bezel might persuade the offending element to abandon ship.

Michael Daily
5-Jun-2006, 16:32
I also have one that I intended to use as a camera lens. It was very tightly set into the aperature housing but came loose. No, the screw is for locating into a lensboard and keeps it from turning on the board.

Jon Wilson
5-Jun-2006, 21:48
Hope this helps; perhaps the front cell is stuck and can best be removed using a rubber lid remover. I know on my 210mm or perhaps it was my 240mm g-claron, the front cell was on tight and the only way I could carefully remove it was to use the rubber lid remover. Good luck. Jon