View Full Version : Supermatic Shutter Mounting Dimensions

Bruce Gavin
18-Jan-2000, 16:23
I am looking for accurate data for the lens board cutouts, thread size and pitch , etc, for Supermatic and Graflex shutters.

OK to email direct to: doc@compudox.com

I have Ilex and Copal data, courtesy of the SK Grimes web site. Once I get the rest of the data, I will make it permanently available own my business site.

Lens Boards
10-Sep-2000, 22:43
As soon as I get my spiral tommorrow, I'll e-mail you a list of board size holes for a whole mess of shutters. I have 52 various lenses in almost as many shutters. You could say I'm a lens nut!! Bear in mind that my figures may differ from some other sources because they give the size hole needed for the wooden boards where the flange of the mounting ring had to go all the way through the board to contact the shutter threads. The sizes I give are for mounting to the thinner metal board where this is not necessary.