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5-Jun-2006, 07:00
Hi everyone!

Today, my very first LF lens arrived - a Schneider 360mm f6.8 Symmar S multicoated.

Well, I noted what I thought was the lens serial number and skipped-off to the Schneider lens-dating site that someone on this Forum very kindly flagged-up. The site gives me a date of 1954 and I wondered if this could be true. I was expecting it to be old - maybe even 1970's - but this is seriously old. I wonder if I might be reading the part number or something, and the lens number is secreted somewhere else?

Anyway, if it is 1954, it is in super condition and I love it to bits.

Have a great week everyone,


Patrik Roseen
5-Jun-2006, 07:12
Sounds odd to me, maybe you noted the serial number of the shutter.
The Symmar-s I know of have the serial number on the outside of the front lens-cell.

(Checking my Symmar-S 180mm in a copal-shutter, the shutter has a serial number of 4 xxx xxx which probably puts it in the 1950's if compared to the Schneider list, which is wrong ofcourse)

5-Jun-2006, 07:19
Patrik - thank you for that!

I have found another number - 13 403 577 - and that would date the lens at October 1978.

The number I relied on earlier had "Lens made in Germany" printed adjacent.

Thank you!


5-Jun-2006, 19:16

Nothing small about that lens, is there?

What format are you using it with?


6-Jun-2006, 00:20
Yes, this lens is very pleasing to hold. It feels solid, reliable and well-made. I guess its well-over a kilo. I selected this lens hoping it might be useful on both 4x5 and 8x10. My trio of wants in my first lens were:
f5.6 for composing comfort;
large image circle (491mm) so I could experiment with lots of movements;
useable to some degree on both 4x5 and 8x10.

As you can see, I didn't quite achieve the aperture target I set myself. I did receive a nice bonus, though, - it came mounted on a clean Sinar lensboard. (I am expecting a P2 sometime this week).


6-Jun-2006, 00:49

I can say with certainty that you'll have TONS of movements with this chunk of glass on a 4x5. And, you'll have LOTS on 8x10. Minimum coverage requirements are as follows:

4"x5" 153.7mm

8"x10" 312.5mm

As for the aperture... I think you'll be quite happy with the 6.8. Are you using this lens in a studio environment or are you taking her out into the field? Mine stays strictly indoors. :)

The P2 is a great camera... you won't be lugging that puppy out into the field very often though! :) I use the X version, which weighs about the same. I'm sure you'll love all the geared movements.

Any ideas as to what you're going to get for an 8x10? :)


6-Jun-2006, 02:33
The camera is strictly for studio work. My partner was applying gentle pressure to steer me to a Linhof Master Technikardan, perhaps with ideas of wandering around the South Downs and Beachy Head. I stuck to my guns, though, and purchased a 4x5 P2 together with the 8x10 upgrade kit.

I fully expected to buy the super value Sinar X, and started my search about four weeks ago. But then an irresistable P2 deal came-up on eBay USA, with the item based in the Netherlands (so no VAT / import tax for UK buyers). I took this as a sign of what was meant to be - so bought it!


6-Jun-2006, 22:29

:) Backpacking with either the X or the P2 is not the thing to do unless you enjoy hernias! :)

My alternative was to go for a Dorff 5x7 with a 4x5 reducing back. It saves wear and tear on the old body! At one time, I did have a Master Technika but I just didn't "connect" with it. Lots of people love them though...

The upgrade kit will come in handy! I wish I were able to do that with my version of the X... there is a model that allows upgrading to the different formats but mine, unfortunately, doesn't. That's why I just bought the Dorff 8x10. :)

If the P2 was your "ultimate" choice... then I think it was very fortuitous that it dropped into your lap. So, it was meant to be! :)


6-Jun-2006, 23:12
P2 is a very good camera for studio...for field use with movements, nothing will beat an arca swiss fline !

7-Jun-2006, 00:24
The P2 and 8x10 Upgrade Kit arrived late yesterday. I wonder how I am to persuade the main rail to slide through the tripod ring . . . . . . perhaps I ought to ask the seller since he disassembled it!


7-Jun-2006, 01:49
Ah - with gentle investigation I have found that the ends of the rail unscrew.

Now then, I'd better think of a comment regarding my Schneider 360mm to bring the topic back to lenses or the Moderators might get angry!