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Scott Rosenberg
5-Jun-2006, 06:46
all of my film is stored in archival sheets... the sheets are in turn stored in archival binders. i have gotten into the habit of storing the contact sheets in the binders, right above the corresponding sheet of negs. is this a bad idea? seems highly unlikely, but i don't know for sure.


5-Jun-2006, 13:26
I do that too. I think that as long as they are well washed you will be OK.

- Randy

Patrik Roseen
5-Jun-2006, 13:52
Scott, I store them in different binders but I number them in the same way. This is a recomendation I came across, saying that there is less risk of wearing out the negatives when you do not need to have them involved in the 'page flipping' as you look for a particular contact print.

Scott Rosenberg
5-Jun-2006, 18:39
thanks for the advice fellas...