View Full Version : Relevency of Search Results

Andre Noble
4-Jun-2006, 20:17
I've been ejoying most new aspects of this improved web site, except....

One problem I'm having is I'm getting very irrelevent results from this site's search function, compared to similar forums such as APUG, Nikonians, Photonet, and even our previous Large Format site.

Is anyone else noticing this too?

Amund BLix Aaeng
5-Jun-2006, 01:18
Yes, I tried to search PMK Pyro the other day, no results at all... "Pyro" alone gave a lot of matches, but not PMK, Weird...

Tom Westbrook
5-Jun-2006, 04:26
Try it again. I forgot to set the minumum word length in the index from 4 to 3. I just did that and it's working on reindexing the site--might take an hour or three to finish.

Amund BLix Aaeng
5-Jun-2006, 04:36
It works now, thanks Tom!