View Full Version : Ilfochrome exposure in large camera obscura

Ken Allen
4-Jun-2006, 17:24
Hi All,

I have a multi-part question regarding recording an image in a large Camera Obscura. Has anyone used 30x40 inch Ilfochrome paper in a camera obscura that will be recording a daylight scene? If so what ASA setting/ or what Lux value did you need to achieve for 90% white?
Does anyone know of a lab in New York City that still processes Ilfochrome?
Have people used other large format (30x40 inches to 50x60 inches) materials to record images (pos/neg, color/b&w) and how did they work for you?

Details: The camera obscura is room sized using a single element lens with a focal length of 144" at infinity. Currently the lens has an 8.5 in. aperture (f17), but I will be creating smaller apertures (2 in. [f72], 1 in. [f144], .5 in. [f288], .25 in. [f576]). I will use an 85B filter for color papers.

Any input on recording materials and experiences would be greatly appreciated.


Donald Brewster
7-Jun-2006, 07:54

Here's a start.