View Full Version : No.5 Universal and shutter release cable

4-Jun-2006, 09:58
I have a shutter release cable that I used on my no. 5 Universal shutter in the past. I can't remember if I have used it since having the shutter cleaned, anyway the cable doesn't quite trip the shutter any longer. Are there extra long release cables or is there a work around other than abandoning the release cable?


Steve Hamley
4-Jun-2006, 10:30
The Gepe Pro releases allegedly work. Give Jim a call at Midwest. I'm going to get one myself, but haven't yet as I have an old Prontor release that works.


Ralph Barker
4-Jun-2006, 10:40
The Gepe cable has about 96mm of travel - almost enough to trip your neighbor on the way to the can. I bought mine from MPEX.

4-Jun-2006, 13:03
Thanks, I'll order one Monday.

4-Jun-2006, 19:18
I did some quick research on Gepe and is it the 6", 10" or 20"? Does it have no lock, "T" lock, or disc lock? When I talked with Jim at Mpex a few years ago, he recommended the Ebony long travel cable release and it was over $20. The Ebony works well, but if I could grab a Gepe for less than half that price, I'm interested.....

Ralph Barker
4-Jun-2006, 20:31
Gepe makes several lengths and various locks. Mine is the 10" with a screw-down disc lock. Call Jim to see what he has in stock.