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Daniel Otranto
3-Jun-2006, 11:35
I recently started processing at home and mixing my own chemicals, I mixed .9 lbs of powder with 1 gallon of water, but am unsure of the processing time...is it 1:1 with water after this initial mixing at 10 minutes, or 10 minutes as is?

also, can either xtol or dektol be used for paper developing?

3-Jun-2006, 11:40
Processing time depends on dilution, processing temperature and film, among other things.

Check out this Kodak web site for more info specific to D76:

techPubs/j78 (http://www.kodak.com/global/en/professional/support/techPubs/j78/j78.jhtml)

Hope that helps,

- Phong

Jim Rhoades
3-Jun-2006, 11:40
It depends on the film. I use 1+1 all the time and 10 min. should be pretty close with almost any standard film.

Daniel Otranto
3-Jun-2006, 11:50


68 degrees
10 minutes


Ron Marshall
3-Jun-2006, 15:14
It also depends on what type of tank you are using for processing; with rotary processors the required times will be shorter than for inversion processors. It is worthwhile doing at least a film speed test, and probably a test to determine normal development time, which will also give you N+ and N- times for use with the zone system.

Dan Fullerton
5-Jun-2006, 15:21
Your tri-x time and temp. should be close, using 1:1 you may extend development times a couple of minutes depending on the density of the negative you prefer printing.

Dektol is the Kodak standard for paper processing, also diluted with water.