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3-Jun-2006, 02:19
Greetings All,

Per and I are working on organizing a workshop to be held here in Vancouver, BC in Canada. :)

Here is a link to the workshop posting on the APUG site:


We're looking for between 10 and 15 LF shooters to join us.

Feel free to contact me privately with any questions you may have... or, follow the postings on the above site and here. :)

Thank you.


5-Jun-2006, 13:00
Greetings again,

We've had a very good response to the workshop with Per Volquartz scheduled for some time in September.

So, for anyone who isn't quite sure yet... we're instituting a definitive cut-off date of July 30, 2006. Get your names in to me asap..

After the above date, we won't be accepting new attendees. :>|



richard brown
5-Jun-2006, 20:26
I spoke with Per a few months ago and was hoping you would get a workshop out here in western canada. I live beside banff national park which is great but i have 2 questions....is there a specific date as i am a wedding photographer and most weekends are booked already. and secondly, why the city of vancouver for a bunch of large format photogs? hookers and the needle trade in the east end or over-crowded stanley park? Right across the straits lies victoria and the area has sooke and 3 great beaches and semi remote areas within 40 minutes....and great gardens for the flower freaks.....chinatown, old victorian homes, close to long beach and tofino......please consider southern vancouver island. or heck, come to the rockies. I am already booked into Lake Ohara, the jewel of the rockies, for 4 days in late sept. lots of great places in british columbia.......
and maybe some of you can come over here to visit after the workshop.....love to help anyone out....
richard brown

5-Jun-2006, 21:32
Hi Richard,

Thank you for your input. :)

Frankly, Banff and The Rocky Mountains would be great places to shoot. Likewise for Vancouver Island and Lake O'Hara. La Connor isn't too, too far away from here either. Likewise, Whistler and Squamish would be beautiful places to photograph as well.

However, we had to have a starting point and Vancouver is that starting point. At this stage of the game, we're still in the midst of discussions and have asked for input from the LF community here in Vancouver to suggest some shooting locations. :)

We'll be exploring more options as we progress through the planning stages! :)


richard brown
5-Jun-2006, 22:02
whoops, just saw where you live so i hope i didnt offend you with those east end comments.....if i can be of any help, please contact me ....www.richardbrownphoto.ca
and like i say, if it works, i would love to host some of the participants here in the rockies. I am organizing a september photo show here in canmore ....annual event and there are lots of large format and commited photogs in the area.

5-Jun-2006, 22:16
whoops, just saw where you live so i hope i didnt offend you with those east end comments.....if i can be of any help, please contact me ....www.richardbrownphoto.ca
and like i say, if it works, i would love to host some of the participants here in the rockies. I am organizing a september photo show here in canmore ....annual event and there are lots of large format and commited photogs in the area.

Hi Richard,

LOL... no, no problems at all! :)

Life is too short to worry about stuff!

I know there's some great shooters out in the Banff area. I use to get out that way at least once a year for a management course at The Banff Center. However, I've not attended over the past several years. However, one never knows! :)

I'm sure there are some guys that will want to head out that way after the workshop since they've not been there before. So... who knows? You might just get a knock on the door! :)


17-Jun-2006, 12:56
Greetings again,

The official dates for the workshop have now been set for:

Friday, Saturday, Sunday September 15 - 16- 17.

However, that said, Per has kindly agreed to stay around for a few days after the workshop and for those who have missed a day for whatever reason... you can do a make-up class!

We are still looking for location suggestions so if you can help... it would be much appreciated.

If you have any questions regarding this workshop, please, don't hesitate to contact either Per or myself.

Thank you.


27-Aug-2006, 14:55
Greetings all,

Well, we're not that far away from our workshop and Per is working hard to put together a program that will maximize the benefits of the experience.

So, due to the level of interest we now have two sessions for this workshop. The first is from Sept. 15 - 17th and the second session will run from the 18 - 20th. Would you kindly let me know which session you'd like to attend. As it is at the moment... we have approximately 30 attendees and our goal is to have 15 per session. I'm hoping there will be some flexibility in scheduling here.

I am in the midst of scouting out locations for us to shoot at. If there are any local attendees that have ideas as to the best locations... please let me know asap. We already have a bunch of places in mind but we're always open to more.

For those of you who would like to join us for dinner on the evening of September 17th... please let me know that you will be attending. As soon as I'm apprised of the numbers... I will be contacting the owner of this great little French bistro to see if they can put together a fixed price menu. Alternatively, we can also pick ala carte from their wonderful menu. They've been voted the best bistro in Vancouver for the last number of years and is highly regarded. Here is their website:


We will be meeting at a small breakfast cafe at 7:00 AM each morning of the workshop. I'm still working on this so I'll let you all know the exact address as soon as I confirm with them that it's okay with them. I'm sure they'll be expecting us to imbibe in breakfast each morning... their pancakes are absolutely terrific. So, I'm hoping we'll be able to support them on this end of things.

Lastly, due to the legal formalities that we all have to live with these days... I'm attaching a Waiver of Liability Form for your signature. PLEASE READ IT THROUGH COMPLETELY. If there are any questions, please, do not hesitate to contact either myself or Per directly. We will require this form to be completed prior to accepting your participation in the workshop. Please remember that this is a workshop that Per and I are putting together in the interest of helping people learn about Large Format photography and photography in general.

I would very much appreciate your confirming that you've received this email. Please respond by sending me your name and address along with a telephone number.

As soon as I have a full response from you, I'll be disseminating everyone's names and email addresses to all the other attendees. Then, if there are some of you that live close to one another and want to tee up transportation etc... you're more than welcome to do so.

Remember... some areas that we'll be going to will require that you bring mosquito/bug repellant. As well, please bring proper attire so that you won't be cold. Remember that this will be mid-September and the weather (although "usually" nice) can be on the cooler side.

I'm looking forward to meeting all of you folks and think this will be a great event.


30-Aug-2006, 11:22
Greetings Again,

Just a further update on The Western Canada Free Workshop...

Rob Skeoch from Big Cameras Workshop has kindly offered attendees to our workshop some special pricing on film and cameras as follows:


We have special workshop prices on all in-stock film, cameras and tripods. The film will be shipped to Henry on Monday Sept. 11th and will be there in time for the Vancouver Workshops.

These prices are on in-stock supplies only. GST is extra. Shipping is free. Supplies are limited. The order deadline is Monday Sept. 11 at 3pm EST. contact skeoch@sympatico.ca www.bigcameraworkshops.com

8x10 Film
FP4 25 sheets $90.27 (2 in stock)
HP5 25 sheets $90.27 (2 in stock)
Delta 100 $90.72 (4 in stock)
T-Max 100 50 sheets $174.66 (1 in stock)
T-Max 400 50 sheets $183.30 (3 in stock)

5x7 Film
FP4 25 sheets $41.25 (2 in stock)
HP5 25 sheets $41.25 (1 in stock)
T-Max 400 50 sheets $105.30 (5 in stock)

4x5 Film
FP4 25 sheets $26.00 (2 in stock)
FP4 100 sheets $100.80 (2 in stock)
HP5 25 sheets $26.00 (3 in stock)
HP5 100 sheets $100.80 (1 in stock)
Delta 100 25 sheets $26.60 (2 in stock)
T-Max 100 50 sheets $57.95 (1 in stock)
T-Max 400 50 Sheets $60.65 (2 in stock)
Fuji Velvia 100 $32.30 (1 in stock)
Fuji Provia 100F $30.78 (1 in stock)

11x14 Film
T-Max 400 10 sheets $100.70 (3 in stock)

7x17 Film
T-Max 400 10 sheets $79.59 (5 in stock)

120 Roll Film 10 packs only
HP5 120 $37.60
Delta 100 120 $39.87
Delta 400 120 $42.12

Ilford 11x14 Fiber Base Papers
Multigrade Glossy FB 50 sheets $77.40 (1 in stock)
Multigrade Glossy FB Warm Tone 50 sheets $99.00 (1 in stock)
Galerie Grade 3 Glossy 50 sheets $112.50 (4 in stock)

Berlebach Tripods
Berlebach Report 4002 in dark brown $270.00
Berlebach Report 0322 in dark brown $256.00

Ebony Cameras
RW45 in Mahogany $1675
SV810 in Mahogany $6300

Canham Cameras
T6717 Wood 7x17 $5400
T6810 Wood 8x10 $3500
T657 Wood 5x7 $2600
T645 Wood 4x5 $2600


Please note the ordering deadlines to ensure that the film will get here on time.


Andrew Ito
31-Aug-2006, 00:30
Oh how I wish I could go... I've been to a few of Per's workshops and have loved the time spent with other LF'ers shooting and talking.

31-Aug-2006, 01:20
Hi Andrew,

There are airlines that come up this way... and you'd be more than welcome to join us! :)


Andrew Ito
31-Aug-2006, 10:26
I'd really love to, but with a baby on the way and a 2 yr old running around I don't think I can break away to fly up to BC. I'll try to check out one of Per's local workshops. Have a great time though!

31-Aug-2006, 12:35
I'd really love to, but with a baby on the way and a 2 yr old running around I don't think I can break away to fly up to BC. I'll try to check out one of Per's local workshops. Have a great time though!

Hi Andrew,

I understand. :)

Congratulations on the upcoming new addition to the family.

I'm sure we'll have a great time.


10-Sep-2006, 17:44
Greetings again,

Here it is... we're one week away from the big day. And, the weather man has promised nice weather! :) We'll try and hold him to it!

Since we're down to the short strokes... I thought I would post the latest information here. If there are any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me asap.

Remember... Attendance and participation are strictly voluntary and AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Thank you



Regarding the Meeting Place:

We will be meeting each morning at 7:00 AM at a breakfast venue called:

Bert’s Restaurant
2904 Main Street
Vancouver, B.C.

I have attached a MapQuest map for your convenience.


Regarding the Restaurant:

We will be meeting on Sunday, September 17th @ 7:00 PM.

Bistro Pastis
2153 West 4th Avenue
Vancouver, BC

Here is their website: http://www.bistropastis.com/

Here is a MapQuest map for your convenience.


We are expecting to go out shooting in the rain, snow, sleet, or sunshine! J

So, please, please, please… bring appropriate clothing, sunscreen, and bug repellant to protect yourselves.

If there are ANY questions, please contact me as soon as possible.

Per and I are looking forward to meeting each and every one of you. The get-together will be a learning experience and will be a good time for all.

For those of you traveling to Vancouver… have a great trip up!

Thank you.


3 - DAY WORKSHOP: Topics For Discussion & Itinerary

DAY 1:

7:00 AM: Breakfast
8:30 - Discussion

- Everyone brings out their equipment. Demonstration of equipment and what to
look for.

- tripod
- head / functions / what to look for
- camera: camera specs / functions / what to look for
- lenses; new versus old / lens qualities from small format cameras to large
format cameras; sharpness versus smooth scale
- cable releases / length / materials
- lens cleaning
- camera cases
- camera storage
- care of tripod
- storage of lenses
- backpacks / jogging carts
- gloves in the field
- dark cloth
- lens shade
- loupe / glasses / magnification
- Polaroid / digital point and shoot / card board frame
- light meter / function / spot meter versus incident

- Field trip

- zone system
- pre-exposure


DAY 2:

7:00 AM Breakfast
8:30 Discussion

- analysis of the scene / photographing what you feel
- film BW and color (primarily BW)
- ASA, "your "ASA", film specs to suit subject matter
- BW developers - HC110 (and modified HC-110 like FA-1027 from fine art
photo supply / photo formulary) – vs. Pyro - PyrocatHD versus Pyro Rollo
- Processing - tray vs. drum - processing roll film in Pyro Rollo using Nikkor
tank and small tray w. bumps.
- sheet film processing (agitation)

- Field trip

- Finding a shot / analyzing the scene / setting up / exposing the film (zone
- (zone system - pre-exposure - again?)

Classroom Discussion:

- zone system re-visited
- looking at prints
- analyzing prints
- selling your work
- marketing / website / galleries / other public shows / contests


DAY 3:

7:00 AM Breakfast
8:30 Discussion

- Putting it all together
- Developing a personal style based on temperament, personality and
cultural background = be true to the way you are, what you like and
believe in. Learn from your mistakes but remember: be far more excited
about the shot you take tomorrow than the one you took yesterday.
- Be your own worst / best critic. Be open to "gifts" - images that weren't
planned but landed in your lap.

- Field trip

- 5: PM - Questions, questions, questions

Remember, just because this three day workshop is over the real workshop continues any time you have questions feel free to email me (Email header = QUESTION)

If you want me to look at an image, two or three, email me Jpegs.

- 7:00 PM Dinner: On Sunday, September 17th only.


The Western Canada Free Workshop Dinner
Sunday, September 17th, 2006
7:00 PM

Tomato and Basil Soup


Heart of Butter Lettuce, Red Wine Vinaigrette


Shrimp Cocktail


Bouillabaisse, Mussels, Saffron Broth
Aïoli and Croutons


Coq au Vin, Pearl Onions, Mushrooms, Double
Smoked Bacon, Fettuccine


Flank Steak, Pommes Frites, Peppercorn sauce


Crème Caramel


Apple Tart


Mousse au Chocolat

$45.00 Per Person, Tax and Service included. Drinks are not included.