View Full Version : Image circle for Apo-Symmar-L 120 5.6

Leonard Metcalf
3-Jun-2006, 01:46
According to the Schneider catalogue the image circle for this 148 mm wide open (f5.6) - knowing that some image circles are conservative, has anyone tested this lens wide open for 4 x 5? (assuming no rise / fall / tilts / shift etc)



ronald moravec
3-Jun-2006, 08:54
I don`t use LF glass full open, but at 16 there is no extra beyond 4x5.

I returned the loaner.

Buy a 110XL and you can use it at 5.6. The penalty is much bigger and heavier.

Jack Flesher
3-Jun-2006, 09:11
I have not checked mine at f5.6, but it covers more than adequately at f11. My first 120 APO (non L) could take about 30mm of rise in horizontal orientation at f11 and NOT clip corners, so significantly more IC than spec'd. At 25mm (still f11) the falloff was not objectionable and only the very corners -- 1/4 inch or so -- showed signs of softness. It was a wonderfully sharp lens, but I (stupidly) sold it to fund a heralded 110XL -- a decision I immediately regretted.

So I recently acquired a newer 120 APO L... And after using it on a recent trip, I could not be happier. It too is wonderfully sharp, covers more than adequately and weighs 1/3 what the 110XL does, not to mention at significantly lower cost.

I would say the only serious limitation might be close-quarters architecture.

David Rees
4-Jun-2006, 06:08
I have the 120 APO L, and do not notice any darkness in the corners when focusing wide open. Having acquired this lens a few months back, 2nd hand, as a "poor mans 110XL", I find I use it for 70% of my work -- the focal length really suits me. On my Wista DX, I don't find any issue at all w.r.t. image circle, whether for focusing or on the resulting shots. As Jack says, it is a tremendously sharp lens, and very, very small and light. For landscape work, I strongly recommend it. I'm very happy that I "took a chance" on this little gem -- the only regret is all the money I spent beforehand on lenses I don't use much anymore!