View Full Version : Neofin Blau from the 40's or 50's

Ed K.
2-Jun-2006, 22:48
So, you're again at the task of sorting through the collection of your late father, ( or yourself perhaps! ), and while digging through boxes you come upon a strange old box of Neofin.

Brush the years of dust off, and behold 3 viles of the stuff, perhaps a rare 1949 version of it and a price tag on the box of a hefty 2 bucks or so.

Now, being a photographer yourself, do you -

a. Toss it, who needs it - St. Adams didn't bless it.
b. Enshrine it, as well, it was purchased by your father, or maybe you.
c. Give it to a homeless person...well, a student?
d. Write a dumb post about it online?
e. Open a vial and try it on some of the Efke 25 you have about.
f. Take it to the "Antiques Road Show"!
g. Transfer it lovingly to one's personal pile of photographica; dust can be restored.
h. Offer to give it to someone.
i. Write an article extoling the virtues of aged 'Blau, and then put it
on eBlah as a rare item?
j. Do nothing, sigh a bit. Remember the good man, and well, figure
that somebody in the future might laugh at that funny lens
with the doodads and controls, or that box from Formulary
waiting to be used.
k. ?

Anyone ever try it with Efke? Any bets as to whether it is still good after
decades in an attic that sees temps between 38F and 105F ?

Hmmmm, got some unopened Accufine from that era. Bet that IS bad
for sure....

Robert A. Zeichner
2-Jun-2006, 23:50
Hey, I've got a box of the stuff that I bought in the early 1970's. I wouldn't toss it without trying it. As I recall this is a one shot developer that comes in a glass vial that you have to break to open. I have no idea what attic heat might have done, but if it looks light amber and clear, maybe it will be worth a try. I recall the results I got with it on Panatomic-X were just spectacular. I also have some Neofin Rot, but I never even tried it.

Bob Salomon
3-Jun-2006, 05:41
See http://www.tetenal.com/f_photo_consumer_sw_film_dosen_uk.htm. Neofin Blue is a current product from Tetenal.