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Don Wallace
2-Jun-2006, 07:30
I am going to get my 24 inch LD Artar mounted in a Copal #3 by Grimes, and I have a few questions. I can get the shutter engraved with either 1/2 or 1/3 stop increments. Any suggestions on which would be more useful? Also, would you get the receiving filter adapter ($85) and lens caps ($30 each)?

Thanks in advance for any insights.

Vick Vickery
2-Jun-2006, 07:37
I'd go with the 1/2 stop dot...its easy to set between marks for 1/4 stop accuracy if you feel the need for that much control and it will clutter the dial up less than 1/3 stop dots.

Donald Brewster
2-Jun-2006, 07:39
I'm about to do the exact same thing. My answer is yes (1/2 stop), and yes.

Steve Hamley
2-Jun-2006, 08:00
I'd get the filter adapter and caps while it was there. The caps are pricey but protect the lens like no other currently available cap.

You might want to consider having the caps made to fit over the filter adapter and leaving the adapter on the lens all the time. I have a couple of lenses I've done this on and it works well.


Don Wallace
2-Jun-2006, 08:01
A followup question: do you folks leave UV filters on LF lenses at all times, for protection?

Ron Marshall
2-Jun-2006, 09:54
I find 1/3 the most convenient. I leave step-up rings on all of my lenses to my standard 67mm filter size.

The only time I use a UV filter is near ocean surf to prevent salt spray deposition on the lens. I often use either a #8 or #12 or a polarizer when shooting.

Eric Rose
2-Jun-2006, 11:21
I'm with Ron on the UV usage. Why would you put some cheap (relatively and optically) hunk of glass on an expensive well corrected lens?

2-Jun-2006, 11:44
I also agree with the 1/2 stop markings as opposed to the 1/3 but YMMV.

As for a filter, it's good practice if, and only if, you buy a really high-end brand and not the el-cheap types. The only filter that stays on my lenses is a UV! Then, if I desire to remove it during a particular shoot... not a big deal! Otherwise, it stays on. :)

Likewise, don't cheap out on the polarizing and red/yellow/orange filters either! :)

Lens caps... definitely! They make GREAT lens caps!

And, lastly, they do a really professional job on the engraving end of things!


Steve Hamley
2-Jun-2006, 12:11
No filter. I put a filter on for protection only if I think I need it - waterfall, rain, spray, heavy fog. It's most likely a polarizer which I use here in the east most of the time anyway, if not a Nikon A2.


John Z.
2-Jun-2006, 12:27
I have the same lens, and S.K. Grimes did a fine job mounting the lens on a board, making a step up ring, and making me lens caps. The lens caps are a nice accessory to have to protect the lens, and very good quality.

John Jarosz
2-Jun-2006, 13:29
My Pentax digital is marked in 1/3 stops. Maybe that can determine how you'd like to do it(your light meter).